ICL Hort Science Online

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What to expect

Hort Science Online consists of six interactive work stations spread across three events during the autumn. Each workstation has been handpicked by the experts at ICL to provide growers and industry professionals with helpful insight and knowledge for the forthcoming season.

Below is a synopsis of the work stations for Hort Science Online Two, which will be live from Monday 19th October 2020.

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The Science of formulation - Syngenta

Glenn Kirby and Alexander Bassett-Cross

Glenn Kirby, UK & Ireland Technical Manager for Syngenta, and Alexander Bassett-Cross, Formulation Chemist at Syngenta, demonstrate the importance of formulation and how this can impact on the effectiveness of plant protection products.  They also discusses how active ingredients are combined with other chemicals to ensure even distribution of the product across the crop.

Nutrient Deficiencies and how to mitigate against to increase plant health

Andrew Wilson

In this workstation Andrew Wilson, Technical Manager for ICL Professional Horticulture, discusses a variety nutrient deficiencies growers face throughout the growing season. Andrew will also be giving advice on how you can increase the plant health and mitigate against these issues.

Xylella - the BRIGIT Project

Gerard Clover

Dr Gerard Clover discusses what growers need to know about Xylella and the work being undertaken by the Brigit Project to prevent its appearance within the UK horticulture market.

Vine weevil control - how garlic can increase the growers ppp tool box

Martin Donnelly and special guest Nicholas van Cutsem frrom Ecospray

Martin Donnelly, ICL’s Sales Development Manager, talks about how garlic can be used to increase growers’ PPP toolbox. Martin alongside Ecospray Nicholas van Cutsem will also introduce growers to Pitcher GR and talk growers through the benefits, application and trial work for efficacy.

Moving businesses forward in a post Covid age  

Natalie Porter - Happy Plant Company

Natalie Porter of the Happy Plant Company discusses how growers will have to adapt their business to move forward in a post Covid world. Covering how Covid has changed the way consumers behave when looking to buy plants.

Plant Healthy - Biosecurity - Collaboration between Government and Industry

Alistair Yeomans

In the year of International Plant Health, Alistair Yeomans, Acting Scheme Manager of the Plant Healthy Certification Scheme, discusses the Plant Health Management Standard and how growers can apply this to their business. Alistair will also provide a short overview of the certification process.

The Science behind H2Gro

Alexander Barr and Steve Chapman

The final work station will focus on the science and practical applications of the innovative H2Gro wetting agent, in which Amega Sciences Alexander Barr and ICL Technical Area Sales Manager Steve Chapman will be your guides.