ICL Hort Science Online

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What to expect

Hort Science Online consists of six interactive work stations spread across three events during the autumn. Each workstation has been handpicked by the experts at ICL to provide growers and industry professionals with helpful insight and knowledge for the forthcoming season.

Below is a synopsis of the work stations for Hort Science Online Three, which will be live from Monday 23rd November 2020.

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Creating an IPM Plan for Healthier Plants

Martin Donnelly and Sam Rivers

Martin Donnelly, ICL Sales Manager and Sam Rivers, ICL Technical Area Sales Manager, discuss the essential points of how to create a suitable IPM plan to keep plants healthy throughout the growing season.

The key to plant health is knowing your water quality

Andrew Wilson

In this work station Andrew Wilson. ICL Technical Manager, talks about water quality and its affect on plant growth. Andrew will talk about how you can improve your water quality to benefit the performance of your plants.

Principles of Seaweed Biostimulants

Richard Collins

In this work station Richard Collins, Technical Manager at ICL AmegA Sciences, expolores the world of seaweed and how they can be used as biostimulants in plant production. Richard will also cover recent trial work that has been completed on the benefits of utilising seaweed extracts.

Growing Media Basics

Steve Hughes

Steve Hughes, ICL Technical Area Sales Manager discusses the basics of Growing Media and discusses some of the products ICL have to offer.

Biostimulants - Let's make this simple

Glenn Kirby

In this work station Glenn Kirby, Technial Manager at Syngenta talks you through different types of biostimulants and what they do. Glenn will also discuss how current and upcoming regulations will affect the role of biostimulants within the industry.

Harnessing the power of social media

Abi Gagen

In this workstation, Abi Gagen, Marketing Director at Prominent PR, discusses how different social media platforms work and how you can utilise each of them to grow your business’ online presence.